Migration WINPACCS 2018



For customers who already use WINPACCS Accounting 3, WINPACCS Cashbook 1 and WINPACCS cost control 3, we offer a workshop explaining how to switch to WINPACCS Accounting 4, WINPACCS Cashbook 2 and WINPACCS Project controlling.

The aim of this workshop is to provide information on the prerequisites, approach and processes involved in migrating to WINPACCS 2018.

  • Migrating – a necessity
    Which changes in WINPACCS mean that a migration to WINPACCS 2018 is necessary?
  • Framework conditions for migrating
    Availability of all required functions, parallel usage in the transitional period
  • Changes in WINPACCS Cloud
    Supplementing of main chart of accounts with new obligatory accounts, adjusting and setting up further data, changes to rights, alterations to the company accounting interface
  • Migration to WINPACCS Accounting 4 incl. WINPACCS Cashbook 2
    Drawing up voucher batches for WINPACCS Accounting 3.2, posting voucher batches from WINPACCS Cashbook 1.6, performing balance reports and end-of-period closings, performing migration for each journal in WINPACCS Cloud, accepting a new journal, creating a new cashbook in WINPACCS Cloud, accepting a new cashbook
  • Migration to WINPACCS Project controlling
    Creating project backups in WINPACCS cost control, in project controlling: automatic acceptance of the relevant posting positions from the data packets, uploading project backups, performing migration

Program versions used

  • WINPACCS Cashbook 1.6.3
  • WINPACCS Accounting 3.2.3
  • WINPACCS cost control 3.4.2
  • WINPACCS Cashbook 2.1
  • WINPACCS Accounting 4.1

Target group

Head office staff who coordinate the use of WINPACCS in their organisation or company and are responsible for the switchover to WINPACCS 2018.

Participant requirements

  • Experience with PCs and Windows.
  • Experience in using WINPACCS Cashbook, WINPACCS Accounting, WINPACCS cost control and WINPACCS Cloud.

Number of participants

To ensure an optimal outcome for each participant, a maximum of eight places are available for this workshop.

Seminar fee

A max. of two participants from the same organisation can attend the workshop free of charge. The following fees apply for colleagues € 250 or € 220 for early bird reservations.

Early bird prices apply when reserving at least three months before the start of the event. All prices are exclusive of VAT.