Managing digital vouchers with WINPACCS



The goal of this workshop is to get to know how managing digital vouchers works in WINPACCS and its potential for optimisation.

Managing digital vouchers in WINPACCS offers the chance to integrate digital vouchers into WINPACCS and link them to postings. Vouchers that are generated in projects in development cooperation are frequently required at various locations:

  • In the projects or offices in the field for research purposes or due to the requirements of national authorities.
  • In the head office of aid organisations for audits by donor organisations.

The fact that vouchers can only be stored physically in one location, presents a dilemma for aid organisations. Vouchers cannot be available in the head office and in the field at the same time.

Digital voucher management in WINPACCS opens up whole new possibilities in this respect. The scanned vouchers can be automatically linked to the corresponding postings and displayed in a variety of places in WINPACCS together with the posting information. This is possible in the WINPACCS Project accounting, in the WINPACCS Project controlling and in WINPACCS Cloud.

The following options are thus available:

  • Vouchers can either remain locally or be sent to the head office – the respective other location still has access to the digital vouchers.
  • Travel costs incurred for auditing and transporting vouchers can be reduced.
  • Research options for detailed information about the vouchers is more efficient and quicker.

In this workshop we’ll show you practical examples of how you can benefit from digital vouchers in WINPACCS – starting with posting and moving on to scanning, uploading and viewing and auditing the vouchers in WINPACCS Cloud; we’ll use case studies to guide you through the entire process.

We’ll explain all the settings and necessary user roles and provide you with tips on the required scan software and scanners. 

Program versions used

  • WINPACCS Accounting 4.1

Target group

The workshop is suitable for staff at aid organisations who are familiar with the problems involved in storing vouchers in aid organisations and would like to know what options for improvement WINPACCS offers.

Participant requirements

  • Experience with PCs and Microsoft Windows.
  • Experience in using WINPACCS Cloud and WINPACCS Accounting.

Number of participants

To ensure an optimal outcome for each participant, a maximum of eight places are available for this workshop.

Seminar fee

EUR 300 or EUR 265 for early bird reservations.

Early bird prices apply for reservations made at least three months before the start of the event. All prices are incl. statutory value-added tax.

Dates and online registration

The dates will be published soon.