Digital Vouchers in WINPACCS

The feature "Digital Vouchers" offers a huge advantage for improving the efficiency of aid organisations.

Vouchers occurring in development cooperation projects are often required at several locations:

  • in projects or offices on-site for research purposes or due to requirements of national authorities,
  • on the business premises of the aid agency for auditing by donor organisations.

As the vouchers can physically only be kept at one location, this often creates a problem for aid agencies. The vouchers cannot be available in the business premises and on-site at the same time.

The digital administration of vouchers in WINPACCS opens up entirely new possibilities in this respect. The scanned vouchers can automatically be linked with the corresponding postings and displayed together with the information on the posting at the most varied places in WINPACCS. This function is available in the suite modules WINPACCS accounting, WINPACCS cost control and in the WINPACCS cloud.

Thereby the following options are available:

  • Vouchers can either stay on-site or be sent to the Central office: Yet the respective other locations still have access to the digital vouchers.
  • Travel costs for auditing and transport costs regarding the vouchers can be reduced.
  • The research options for detailed information regarding the vouchers are more efficient and quicker.

In this workshop you gain an insight into the implementation of the process for the digital vouchers. Discover the opportunities and discuss the ways this could serve to optimise your financial operations.