Block I (11:45-12:30)

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Project planning and monitoring
Newly developed

Discover the new functional area in WINPACCS in "Project planning and monitoring" in this workshop. Learn how WINPACCS can enhance your project planning by creating Logframes and GANTT diagrams and all about the extensive functions it offers for impact monitoring.
Michael Bork, mbi GmbH



Overview of WINPACCS

Are you interested in learning about key WINPACCS functions? Then this is the workshop for you! Gain an insight into its primary functions in an interesting live demonstration and discover how WINPACCS supports the workflows in aid organisations.
Robert Ender, mbi GmbH



WINPACCS and Company accounting

In this workshop, discover how WINPACCS automatically exchanges project accounting data with your company accounting. Learn how a consulting company uses the current version of the Interface to company accounting and how easy set-up is.
Peter Guz, AHT and André Scharmann, mbi GmbH


Block II (13:30-14:15)

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Project controlling and billing in WINPACCS Cloud

Learn about the new Project controlling and billing function in WINPACCS Cloud. Discover how to create and edit even complex analyses quickly and easily on your screen. You’ll be impressed by the variety of information and functions available in the new Project controlling and the range of analyses they can produce.
Michael Bork, mbi GmbH



Successfully launching WINPACCS in local offices and projects

In this workshop, a consulting company executive will explain how WINPACCS can be successfully introduced into local structures. Learn about best practices and methods and how to train and prepare users on site to use WINPACCS efficiently.
Thomas Kempff, GOPA Group



Live demonstration of Project accounting

This workshop offers an overview of WINPACCS Accounting 4.2. In a live demonstration you’ll gain a 360° view of this latest version of WINPACCS Project accounting. Take this opportunity to ask your specific questions and discuss your requirements with our experts.
André Scharmann, mbi GmbH


Block III (14:30-15:15)

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Managing digital vouchers with WINPACCS

This workshop will highlight the enormous potential for maximising efficiency, which the Digital voucher management offers for development cooperation organisations. In a live demonstration explore how vouchers can be easily entered into on-site systems, their secure storage in WINPACCS Cloud and the option of viewing the digital vouchers for your financial data – any place, any time.
André Scharmann and Tobias Eckhardt, mbi GmbH



Document management in WINPACCS
Newly developed

With WINPACCS Cloud 2019.03 version – available from Autumn 2019 – WINPACCS will offer the option of linking documents with project master data, project fundings, partners, donors and many other areas in WINPACCS. The documents can either be stored directly in WINPACCS Cloud or in an external Document Management System. Explore the new functionality in this workshop.
Martin Bork, mbi GmbH



Case study: WINPACCS at an NGO

Are you interested in how WINPACCS is employed in practice at an NGO? Then this is the workshop for you! Find out which groups of people at DAHW German Leprosy and Tuberculosis Relief Association are working with WINPACCS, and how it supports internal tasks and processes. Listen to the story of a well-known NGO using WINPACCS and ask your questions.
Chantal Menjivar-White, DAHW