Review 2020

WINPACCS Customer Day 2020

There was something distinctly different about this year's WINPACCS Customer Day – we welcomed our customers via livestream, rather than in person. Numerous customers joined the event and watched the presentations of our WINPACCS Consultants and Developers on screen.

The presentations on both the new upstream scanning of digital documents and Inventory management were particular highlights. The option of using multi-factor authentication and the resulting improved access security also met with great interest. Our customers are now eager to start working with the new functionalities and possibilities.

We’d like to thank all our customers for participating and our speakers for their efforts. A special thanks also goes to our technicians who made the livestream possible this year.
We’re glad that the 2020 Customer Day was successful, but we do sincerely hope that we will be able to welcome you in person to next year’s event.