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The new WINPACCS Project Controlling

Gain a first impression of the new WINPACCS Project controlling. The new components of the WINPACCS Cloud allow you to examine posted costs and income in your own or external projects directly on the screen, as well as create diverse analyses. Budgets can be integrated straight into overview tables and utilised for a wide range of calculations. The software also enables you to easily break down project costs and display them in tables on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.
Michael Bork

WINPACCS accounting 4.1 - the most important new features of the switchover

A presentation on the major new features of WINPACCS accounting 4.1 - learn about the new options offered by posting to external projects and creating day-end closings, and which settings in the WINPACCS Cloud allow you to access the new functions.
André Scharmann

Coffee break


Workshop I: Presentation of the new functional area for WINPACCS Project Planning and Monitoring

WINPACCS 2018 will feature a new functional area - Project Planning and Monitoring, based on the Logical Framework Approach (LFA). This workshop offers an insight into the current concept with the possibility to create a PPM, set up and monitor indicators and create a Gantt diagram.
Michael Bork, Jan-Niklas Keiner

Workshop II: Presentation of the improvements for the Company Accounting standard interface

Find out about the planned improvements of the WINPACCS standard interface to the company accounting. For instance, how any number of closings can be converted simultaneously and which additional posting transactions can be accepted. We’ll also provide a sneak preview of the option of fully automated data exchange via Webservices. Ask any questions and tell us your ideas and suggestions for improvement.
André Scharmann

Lunch break


The new role and rights concept for WINPACCS 2018 with its price model

WINPACCS 2018 will feature an expanded and improved roles and rights concept. Going forward it will be possible to assign user roles to objects or object groups, so that organisations can limit role rights for instance to projects or project groups, organisation units or countries etc. In this presentation, find out more about the new roles and rights concept with our adapted price model and ask any questions.
Martin Bork, Tobias Eckhardt

Presentation on how to upgrade to WINPACCS 2018

The focus here will be on the steps required for upgrading from WINPACCS accounting 3.2 / cashbook 1.6 / cost control 3.4 to WINPACCS accounting 4.1 / cashbook 2.1 and Project controlling in the cloud. Important points for upgrading. How can a gradual upgrade be performed? What seminars and workshops does mbi offer?
André Scharmann, Tobias Ebert

Coffee break


Report on roll-out of WINPACCS 2018 at GIZ

In this workshop, learn about how Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH successfully rolled out the new versions of WINPACCS accounting 4.0 and WINPACCS cashbook 2.0 across the globe. Listen to those involved and find out how: the rollout was performed, project accountants were trained and the head office supported the upgrade worldwide.
Birgit Klose, Renate Vial (GIZ GmbH)

Overview of further new features and improvements

Martin Bork

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