Issue 04-2017

Issue 04/2017 (10.10.2017)

with this coordinator information we intend to regularly inform you about current topics of WINPACCS and to assist you in your role as WINPACCS coordinator within your organisation.

This issue’s topics: 

  • Updating to WINPACCS online 2017.01
  • Registered for Customer Day, Ceremony and Symposium?
  • WINPACCS 2018 – The New WINPACCS Generation
  • Only one main chart of accounts in the future
  • WINPACCS Seminars in 2017
  • Maintainance of Fujitsu Scanners
  • We are hiring!

Updating to WINPACCS online 2017.01

On 15 November 2017, we are going to update WINPACCS online to the new version 2017.01.

On our Customer Day, we are going to present the improvements and will provide you with a document that describes the new features.

Registered for Customer Day, Ceremony and Symposium?

We receive registrations almost daily and are excited that the number of participants is steadily rising.

A quick overview of the events:

Customer Day on 7 November 2017

Learn about the possibilities WINPACCS will offer you in 2018. Get to see the new WINPACCS versions during live demonstrations ahead of time:

  • WINPACCS cashbook 2.0
  • WINPACCS accounting 4.0
  • WINPACCS online 2017.01

We are also going to discuss our plans for future improvements and will be curious to hear about your ideas and feature requests.

Have a look at the revised event program in the attached PDF or on our website and register. Use this opportunity to ask us all your questions and to network with employees of other organisations!

Ceremony on 7 November 2017

In the evening of the Customer Day, after a champagne reception and dinner, we will take you on a journey of 30 years of WINPACCS.

You can be looking forward to witnesses of the first (and all following) hours, to funny anecdotes and insights behind the scenes. In a convivial and relaxed atmosphere, there will be time for interesting encounters with current and former employees of WINPACCS customers as well as mbi employees of the past and present.

We hope you are going to be able to join us for this evening! Click here to register.

Symposium on 8 November 2017

At our WINPACCS Symposium, we will give our customers and prospects a comprehensive presentation of WINPACCS.

A series of lectures will give you an overview of the possibilities that WINPACCS offers and inform you on planned future improvements. The lectures will be held in German and simultaneously translated into English and French.

Additionally, you will be able to choose from 12 workshops to get in-depth information on specific topics. Benefit from the speakers’ WINPACCS experience and practical know-how! The workshops will be held in German or English.

Find more information and the registration form on our website.

WINPACCS 2018 – The New WINPACCS Generation

With WINPACCS 2018, we are going to provide you with a significantly enhanced WINPACCS that is even better suited to the requirements of development cooperation and international emergency aid:

  • WINPACCS accounting 4.0 and WINPACCS cashbook 2.0 have been completely redesigned, enhanced by many features, and equipped with an up-to-date, user-friendly interface.
  • The offline-modules are even more closely integrated into the WINPACCS Cloud. They exchange more information automatically with the WINPACCS Cloud, which makes using them much easier.
  • The WINPACCS Cloud will be extended by new functional areas that cover additional administrative and financial processes of aid organisations. For example, there will be the new functional areas “Project Planning”, “Project Controlling” and “Project Calendar”.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see live demonstrations of the newly developed modules WINPACCS accounting 4.0 and cashbook 2.0 and learn about our concepts for the new functional areas by joining us for our Customer Day and Symposium.

Users of the current versions will be able to update to WINPACCS 2018 during the second half of 2018.

Only one main chart of accounts in the future

It has been possible to work with several main charts of accounts in WINPACCS. However, our consultants have not been recommending this option anymore. Only a few customers made use of this possibility.

With WINPACCS 2018, we will cease to offer this option. Customers who use more than one main chart of accounts will have to change their accounts structure to suit a single main chart of accounts before migrating to WINPACCS 2018. Our consultants will contact the affected customers in order to ensure a smooth transition.

WINPACCS Seminars in 2017

Have you used up your free allotment this year? The following seminars will be the last opportunity:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our WINPACCS consultant André Scharmann.

Maintainance of Fujitsu Scanners

The Fujitsu scanners, which are used for the “Digital Vouchers” feature in many projects and which we recommend, need to be cleaned regularly. Fujitsu recommends cleaning all moveable parts every 5.000 scans. Under rough climatic conditions, the parts should be cleaned daily. The scanner’s manual contains detailed cleaning instructions.

The devices also contain consumables. These parts should be replaced every 200.000 Scans or once per year. Fujitsu offers consumables kits.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.

We are looking for an English speaking translator (f/m) for the translation of our WINPACCS applications and user help.

Do you know anyone who would be up to the task on a freelance basis? We can also see ourselves working with someone from your organisation who works with WINPACCS and has some free capacity. In this case, it would be great if you could pass along the job description.