Issue 03-2020

Issue 03/2020 (28.08.2020)

Our regular Coordinator information aims to provide you with up-to-date information on WINPACCS and assist you in your role as WINPACCS coordinator within your organisation.

This issue offers important information on the following topics: 

  • Save the date: WINPACCS Customer Day – 5 November 2020
  • Updated price list
  • Consultations now also available online
  • Coming soon: WINPACCS Cloud release 2020.02!
  • Training options
  • Sign up as a pilot tester for our new Inventory management function!
  • Data security in WINPACCS
  • The latest news from our WINPACCS Document library

Save the date: WINPACCS Customer Day – 5 November 2020

We’d like to invite you to Wetzlar again this year and inform you in person about the latest developments in WINPACCS! As always, we’re planning interesting workshops and lectures and are looking forward to talking to you.

Join us on 5 November 2020 in the Stadthalle Wetzlar. Highlights will be:

  • The new WINPACCS Inventory management
  • Digital vouchers in the posting process in WINPACCS Accounting

Mark it on your calendar today; we’ll keep you informed via the registration process!

It goes without saying that we comply with hygiene and social distancing rules at all our events. Prior to the day, we’ll send you further information on this topic.

A new price list will apply from 1 October 2020 – updated with the fees for the new functions. The prices of existing functions are unaffected.

Here’s an overview of the changes:

  • Two new user roles have been added for working with WINPACCS Inventory management: "Inventory manager" and "Inventory administrator". 
  • The price for using the "External Project administration" interface has been added. 
  • The previous staging and training deployment environments have been merged into one staging deployment environment. This represents a copy of the production environment and can be used for testing or training purposes. The conditions are the same as previously. 
  • The "Function test" deployment environment is now called "Beta testing" and will be provided to customers who would like to test new features in advance. If you are interested in this option, please contact our WINPACCS consultants.
  • Minor editorial changes have been made.

Despite the current restrictions in everyday life, we’re still available for you!

Since travelling at home and abroad is currently difficult to plan, you can of course make online consulting appointments via Microsoft Teams or Skype with us. If you are interested in this, please feel free to contact our consultants.

We expect to launch a new version of WINPACCS Cloud in October 2020. Look forward to many new features and improvements such as: 

  • New Inventory management (see extra section below)
  • Extensive expansion of the popular Digital vouchers function. Digital vouchers can now be added directly during entry in WINPACCS Cashbook and posting in WINPACCS Accounting.
  • Return of confidential journals 
  • Clear presentation of pending tasks on the dashboard

Shortly before the release we will again publish a White Paper and Release Notes listing all the new features and tell you the exact release date.

In the coming months we’ll have a variety of training courses, webinars and workshops on offer for you. See our website for an overview.

Here are various events that still have places available:

Titel Ort Datum
WINPACCS for Project accountants
Training (English)
Huettenberg, Germany 22.09.2020-23.09.2020
WINPACCS for Financial administrators
Webinar (English)
online 29.09.2020
WINPACCS for Organisation administrators
Webinar (English)
online 29.09.2020
WINPACCS for Digital Voucher editors and auditors
Webinar (English)
online 30.09.2020
The Company Accounting and WINPACCS
Workshop (German)
Huettenberg, Germany 14.10.2020
Managing digital vouchers with WINPACCS
Workshop (German)
Huettenberg, Germany 29.10.2020
WINPACCS for Project planners
Training (English)
Huettenberg, Germany 17.11.2020
WINPACCS for Project finance managers
Training (English)
Huettenberg, Germany 18.11.2020
WINPACCS for Project controllers
Training (English)
Huettenberg, Germany 18.11.2020-19.11.2020

Currently, we are hard at work on the new Inventory management function in WINPACCS, which will be available with the next release. It offers many options such as:

  • Creating assets directly in WINPACCS Cloud or in Project accounting
  • Entering transactions for assets
  • Worldwide access and an overview of the current inventory

We’re offering our customers the opportunity to get to know the Inventory management at an early stage and provide us with feedback by means of a beta test.

This gives you the advantage of assessing whether the usage of Inventory management would be a good fit for your organisation. In addition, your feedback can make a valuable contribution to developing and improving Inventory management, and you can also voice your requirements.

Are you interested in finding out more? Then don’t hesitate to contact one of our consultants!

As part of a special agreement, you’ll receive a free deployment environment with your organisation's data for the test period, enabling you to test the introduction of Inventory management in practice.

WINPACCS offers many functions which help you to ensure the security of your sensitive financial data. Examples include:

  • Posting data is only exchanged between the applications in encrypted form and is thus protected from access by third parties.
  • At various points, changes must first be approved by an administrator before they take effect.
  • All important accessing of data, as well as releases and changes, are logged.

For these measures to be effective, it is important that users never share passwords with others. Each individual user must be clearly identifiable by name. User accounts with unspecific e-mail addresses such as info@..., it-service@..., support@... are therefore not permitted.

Our usage billing is also based on the named user principle. We would therefore urge you to change this if such user accounts still exist in your organisation.

Current information on the most varying specialist and technical topics on WINPACCS is available on our website. 

As a WINPACCS coordinator you can download these White Papers and information documents directly from the Document library

The following documents were recently added or updated: 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the good cooperation and trust you have placed in us and our software.

We very much regret that due to the current pandemic, meeting you in person, which is always very valuable to us, is only possible to a limited and reduced extent.

However, we would like to encourage you to make use of the other lines of communication such as telephone, email or video conferences in order to keep up our close and good contact.

We are gladly at your disposal!

Best regards,
Martin Bork

Managing Director mbi GmbH