Issue 02-2021

Issue 02/2021

Our regular Coordinator information aims to provide you with up-to-date information on WINPACCS and assist you in your role as WINPACCS Coordinator within your organisation.

This issue offers important information on the following topics: 

  • Online course for Project accountants
  • Next week: WINPACCS Cloud release 2021.01
  • Upgrading deadline for WINPACCS Accounting 4 ends in June
  • Glossary and extended Help
  • Training 2021
  • The latest news from our WINPACCS Document library

Online course for Project accountants

We are now offering an Online course for Project accountants! Learn the theoretical and practical basics of WINPACCS Accounting using extensive explanatory videos and a wide range of exercises.

  • The course can be taken – any time, any place;
  • It’s suitable for beginners;
  • No need to worry about training projects and accounting installations – your WINPACCS team will provide you with an all-in-one package.

For more information about the online course, we will be offering a short online event on 23 March at 10.00 am to introduce the course and explain how it works. If you are interested, reply directly to this email and we will send you the invitation.

More information about the course can be found here. Registrations can be made by contacting your WINPACCS Coordinator.

By the way – we’ve also expanded our General Terms and Conditions for Training to include online courses and other topics. The new version of the terms can be viewed here.

Next week: WINPACCS Cloud release 2021.01

Next week WINPACCS Cloud will be updated to version 2021.01.

As of this release, you can create donor budget structures. Previously, budget structures were only available at project level. You can now use donor budget structures as templates for new budget structures in any of your projects. These templates for budget structures can be created centrally in Donor management.

In the Posting overview you can now select several postings at once. This makes it much easier to print larger quantities of individual postings, or download digital vouchers.

These and other important new features can be found in this release’s White Paper.

Upgrading deadline for WINPACCS Accounting 4 ends in June

The deadline for migrating to the WINPACCS Accounting 4, WINPACCS Cashbook 2 and Project Controlling programme versions ends on 30 June 2021.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you contact your consultant as soon as possible to discuss how to proceed, and to ensure a swift switchover so that you can benefit from the new functions.

Glossary and extended Help

In WINPACCS Cloud there is now a comprehensive, revised glossary under Help > Glossary. Depending on the selected user language, you will find explanations of terms in German, English, French and Spanish.

The glossary is also available on our website. Simply use the search function to find terms immediately.

The new Cloud Help is also being constantly expanded. Currently, the new Help covers the following areas:

  • Projects
  • Project fundings
  • Budget structures
  • Budgets
  • Inventory management

Soon the Help will also be available in the Journals and Cashbooks functional groups.

Also new: A Quick start guide in the Help explains step-by-step how to set up new projects for accounting.

You can access the Help in WINPACCS Cloud at any time via the ? button, found top right.

Training in 2021

This year we have planned three weeks of training for Project accountants, Project finance managers and Project controllers. The dates are in May, September and November:

  • 17. - 20.05.2021 (20th CW)
  • 13. - 16.09.2021 (37th CW)
  • 15. - 18.11.2021 (46th CW)

Use your free quota and register your colleagues in time!

Please be assured that the distancing and hygiene rules are observed at our events at all times. We ask participants to bring their own protective face masks.

You can also meet us online. We can discuss any issues you might have in meetings via Microsoft Teams, or we can organise a webinar. Please simply let us know.

Current information on the most varying specialist and technical topics on WINPACCS is available on our website. As a WINPACCS coordinator you can download these White Papers and information documents directly from the Document library

The following documents were recently added or updated: 

We hope you enjoy working with the 2021.01 version of WINPACCS Cloud!

We would like to support you, as much as possible, so that you can work successfully with WINPACCS. Since classroom training and face-to-face meetings are currently not always possible, we have begun to greatly expand our range of digital support services. An important component of this is our Online course for Project accountants.

Our White Papers are also regularly supplemented with sought-after topics – why not take a look at our website? Likewise, the new Help in the WINPACCS applications is constantly being expanded; the most recent addition is an extensive glossary.

If you have any further support needs or would like to provide feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us via email, phone or Microsoft Teams. We’re at your disposal at all times!

Kind regards
Michael Bork
Head of WINPACCS Consulting