Issue 02-2017

Issue 02/2017 (06.04.2017)

with this coordinator information we intend to regularly inform you about current topics of WINPACCS and to assist you in your role as WINPACCS coordinator within your organisation.

This issue’s topics: 

  • WINPACCS suite updates 
  • Support for Windows Vista is ending 
  • News about the WINPACCS Document Library 

WINPACCS suite updates

The following updates for WINPACCS cashbook, WINPACCS accounting and WINPACCS cost control are available from the customer portal

  • WINPACCS cashbook 1.6.2 
  • WINPACCS accounting 3.2.2 
  • WINPACCS cost control 3.4.1

These updates resolve a recurring issue with certain Windows 10 updates. Up until now, users had to re-register their WINPACCS suite modules after applying major Windows 10 updates. Install the above WINPACCS updates in order to avoid the issue in the future.

The update for WINPACCS cost control addresses two small additional issues: 

  • A rare bug when importing journal backups, which led to wrong values in the “Posting project” field 
  • A bug in the display of values in the column “Posting project“ 

Microsoft has announced that the roll out of a major Windows 10 update for certain PCs will begin this month. Applying the WINPACCS updates in time will save you the trouble of having to re-register your WINPACCS suite modules afterwards.

We advise you to install WINPACCS suite updates within six months of their release, as otherwise we cannot ensure that you can use the full functionality of WINPACCS. Apart from that, we reserve the right to cease support for older versions.

Should you be using WINPACCS in a network installation, please contact WINPACCS Support before updating to coordinate the necessary steps with us.

Support for Windows Vista is ending

As from this month, we will discontinue our technical support of WINPACCS on devices operating Microsoft Windows Vista. The new versions of WINPACCS suite no longer support Windows Vista.

The reason is that on April 11th 2017, after ten years, Microsoft itself will cease to support Windows Vista. From that point onwards, there will not be any new security updates for Windows Vista.

In case you still operate WINPACCS on Windows Vista, we suggest you switch to a newer operating system. This way, you will continue to be able to receive technical support for your WINPACCS installation.

News about the WINPACCS Document Library

WINPACCS White Papers and information documents, which are written by us, include detailed information on different functional and technical aspects of WINPACCS. 

Within this section, we want to keep you constantly up to date on which new documents have been compiled, changed or translated into another language. 

The following documents have been created recently:

Title Status Remarks
Anleitung – Mengenmonitoring in WINPACCS einrichten und nutzen April 2017 New
Anleitung – Anfordern eines Passworts bei Gesamtrücksicherungen, Journalrücksicherungen oder Löschen eines Journals April 2017 New
Manual – How to request a password for total data recoveries, restoring journals or deleting journals April 2017 New

As WINPACCS coordinator you can download the desired White Paper and documents directly from the document library.