Issue 01-2019

Issue 01/2019 (30.01.2019)

Our regular Coordinator information aims to provide you with up-to-date information on WINPACCS and assist you in your role as WINPACCS coordinator within your organisation.

In dieser Ausgabe erhalten Sie wichtige Informationen zu den folgenden Themen:

  • WINPACCS Cloud 2018.02
  • Fortbildungsangebote 2019
  • Systemvoraussetzungen für WINPACCS 2018
  • WINPACCS Trainingsunterlagen
  • Vormerken: WINPACCS Symposium und Kundentag
  • Aktuelles aus der WINPACCS Dokumentenbibliothek

WINPACCS Cloud 2018.02

The new WINPACCS Cloud 2018.02 release is planned for 6 February 2019. 

WINPACCS Project controlling is now available for customers who already use the new WINPACCS accounting 4.1 Project accounting and WINPACCS cashbook 2.1 Project cashbook. 

Customers that still use WINPACCS cost control 3.4, WINPACCS accounting 3.2 and WINPACCS cashbook 1.6 can now view all the details of a project’s postings in Project administration in the new “Postings (WINPACCS accounting 3)” functional group and can create balance reports. 

There are also further new features that affect all customers. For instance:

  • Uploading digital vouchers has been simplified.
  • In the organisation settings you can now set a limit for the file size of voucher scans and additional documents of closings. You can also view the storage usage of your data in WINPACCS Cloud.
  • In the user preferences you can now specify which employees are to be WINPACCS Coordinators, without first informing mbi GmbH. These staff members will also receive this Coordinators’ information. At the moment the current recipients are set as default.

The “New features in WINPACCS Cloud 2018.02” White Paper provides an overview of the key new features. 

Due to the new features, you may need to check certain preferences, especially the assignment of some user roles. Please consult the White Paper for further guidance. 

You can find an overview of all the details in the release notes of WINPACCS accounting 4.1.3, WINPACCS cashbook 2.1.2, and WINPACCS Cloud 2018.02 as well as in the Customer Portal.

We have expanded our range of seminars for 2019 to ensure they meet user requirements even more optimally. 

In addition to our customary Seminars and Workshops, this year we’re offering Webinars for the first time. These sessions will focus on more compact topics and will be presented by our consultants in the form of online presentations lasting one to two hours. You can also make an active contribution by asking your questions. Use this simple and economical opportunity to deepen your knowledge of WINPACCS without having to travel for a seminar! 

Another new way of getting to know WINPACCS functions are our free How-to videos. Simply take a look at our YouTube channel

As of now, our range of seminars is even more closely tailored towards the revised WINPACCS user roles. Our aim is thus to ensure that our range of seminars is a better fit to typical fields of activity in development cooperation, just as the user roles are. 

The dates and content of our training can be found on our website. Again, this year, you’re entitled to a package of free included seminar days. Don't hesitate to use them!

We’ve updated the system requirements for WINPACCS 2018. As a rule WINPACCS 2018 can be used with the same hardware as previously. However, we recommend using better equipment for WINPACCS 2018 than with the older versions.

WINPACCS Trainingsunterlagen

Haben Sie Interesse, die Schulung der Anwender Ihrer Organisation selbst zu übernehmen?

Um beispielsweise das technische Wissen um die Bedienung der Software mit der Vermittlung der administrativen Abläufe und Besonderheiten Ihrer Organisation zu verbinden?

Oder um nach der Teilnahme an einer Train-the-Trainer-Schulung die Anwender in Ihrem Hause selbst zu schulen?

Wir unterstützen Sie gerne dabei. Ab sofort stellen wir allen Kunden im Rahmen der Grundgebühr Trainingsunterlagen für eigene interne WINPACCS Schulungen zur Verfügung. Die Unterlagen lassen wir Ihnen digital zukommen, sodass Sie diese auch gerne an Ihre Anforderungen anpassen oder mit eigenen Inhalten kombinieren können.

Die Unterlagen für Trainer mit umfangreichen Lösungshinweisen und weiterführenden Informationen stehen in englischer Sprache zur Verfügung. Das Material für die Teilnehmer ist in Deutsch und Englisch und teilweise auch in Französisch erhältlich.

Bitte kontaktieren Sie bei Interesse Ihren Kundenberater, um weitere Informationen zu den verfügbaren Schulungsinhalten zu erhalten und Unterlagen anzufordern.

Save the date: WINPACCS Symposium and Customer Day!

Following on from the success of our Customer Day last year and the Symposium the year before, we’re also planning a WINPACCS Symposium and a WINPACCS Customer Day in 2019. 

Mark your calendars now:

  • WINPACCS Symposium – 5 November 2019
  • WINPACCS Customer Day – 6 November 2019

Major topics will be the new WINPACCS Project planning and Monitoring in addition to all the latest on developments in WINPACCS. 

At the Customer Day we’d also like to offer tips for the switch-over to WINPACCS 2018 and some customers may report on their experiences. 

The format of both events will reflect previous years and again be held in the Stadthalle (Town Hall) Wetzlar. We’ll send you all the details well in advance.

Comprehensive information on the most varying specialist and technical topics on WINPACCS is available on our website. As a WINPACCS coordinator you can download these White Papers and information documents directly from the Documentation library. The following documents were recently added or updated:

Title Status Remarks
White Paper – New features in WINPACCS Cloud 2018.02 Jan. 2019 New
White Paper – Neuerungen in WINPACCS Cloud 2018.02 Jan. 2019 New
White Paper – Die Nutzung des WINPACCS Cloud Archivs Nov. 2018 New

We’d like to thank you for the trust that you placed in us last year! 

Again in 2019, we’ll channel our efforts to ensure we provide you with WINPACCS – a software perfectly tailored to your needs – in order to support you as well as possible in your invaluable work. 

We look forward to continuing to work with you in 2019.

Kind regards from the whole WINPACCS team!

Martin Bork

Managing Director mbi GmbH