Issue 01-2018

Issue 01/2018 (19.04.2018)

Our regular Coordinator information aims to provide you with up-to-date information on WINPACCS and assist you in your role as WINPACCS coordinator within your organisation.

This issue offers important information on the following topics:

  • WINPACCS Customer Day – 23 October 2018
  • WINPACCS online – a round-up of recent changes
  • Online presentation: Project Controlling
  • Online presentation: Project Planning
  • The WINPACCS team continues to grow!
  • Spanish version of WINPACCS - “Partner” is now translated as “socio”
  • 2018 Seminars
  • 2018 Workshops

WINPACCS Customer Day – 23 October 2018

We warmly invite you to attend our next WINPACCS Customer Day on 23 October 2018 in the Town Hall (“Stadthalle”) Wetzlar. Save the date now! We’ll again be presenting a variety of interesting topics. 
These include:

  • The new WINPACCS accounting 4.1 and cashbook 2.1 modules with the new version of WINPACCS online 2018.01 – available to all our customers by then.
  • The new Project Controlling functional area – replacement for the current WINPACCS cost control module.
  • The new Project Planning soon to be integrated into WINPACCS.

Besides showcasing these new functions, we’ll reveal a possible roadmap for upgrading to the new modules. There’ll be plenty of time for you to switch over. The previous versions will definitely still be in usage until the end of 2019. 

Topics from our last Customer Day can be revisited at: WINPACCS customer portal. All the presentations can be downloaded there by registered users.

WINPACCS online – a round-up of recent changes

WINPACCS online was updated to version 2017.01 in November 2017 and to version 2017.02 at the end of February 2018. As previously, we incorporated your feedback into the new versions. Thank you very much for all your contributions! 

Again we would like to share our most important news and adjustments with you: 

  • Setting up individual fields for the project master data is now even more flexible and simple.
  •  A new addition for individual fields is the new multiple classification field type. This new field type can be used for the project master data, fundings, partners, persons and users.
  • Additional documents can be uploaded for end-of-period accounts in WINPACCS online.
  • In the “User administration”, the changes regarding users and their role assignments are logged in the new functional group “History”.
  • The user data now displays the assignment of users to cashbooks and the assignment to bank details.
  • Module registrations can be applied for directly at “My account”.
  • Support cases and access by mbi staff are now logged in the new “Support” functional area.
  • In both the “Person administration” and “Partner management” functional areas, the option of creating individual reports has been removed.
  • Portuguese is no longer supported as of WINPACCS 2018. Since WINPACCS online 2017.01 it has only been visible in the accounts and sub-accounts.

More details on these updates can be found in both the following White Papers “ Improvements in WINPACCS online 2017.01” and “ Improvements in WINPACCS online 2017.02”.

Online presentation: Project Controlling

We’re busy continually developing WINPACCS, particularly Project Controlling, the successor to WINPACCS cost control. 

We’d like to offer you a platform to tell us your requirements and contribute your ideas on this topic. You are therefore invited to attend an online presentation on the concept to-date. Please drop us a short email if you’d like to join us. We’ll then send you an invitation in return. 

When: 9 May 2018 from 09:30 till 11:00
Requirements for participation: Skype

WINPACCS Project Planning is scheduled for completion in January 2019. We’d like to brief you on the current status of our concept and give you the chance to contribute your ideas during this phase. 

You are therefore welcome to join us for an online presentation. Please send us a short email if you are interested and we’ll send you an invitation in return. 

When: 18 May 2018 from 09:00 till 10:30
Requirements for participation: Skype

The WINPACCS team continues to grow!

Rachel Schmitt and Andrej Repin have been on board since February 2018! 

Originally from the UK, Rachel Schmitt translates German texts into English for us, proofreads French translations and coordinates all our external translators. 

Previously, she spent a number of years as a freelance translator focusing on development cooperation and finance, and also worked as an English trainer. 
Rachel is glad to be able to contribute her previous experience and knowledge to WINPACCS and is enjoying being on the team! 

Andrej Repin supports us as a software developer in developing WINPACCS. 

Andrej was born in Ukraine and is a trained IT-expert. He has worked as a software developer for 16 years and has already collaborated on an mbi project as an external partner. 

We’re glad to have found a competent and dedicated staff member to further our software development!

Spanish version of WINPACCS - “Partner” is now translated as “socio”

We received feedback from customers that the Spanish word “contraparte” is not a good match for translating the word “partner” throughout the whole of WINPACCS. 

The previous translation “contraparte” literally means “counterpart”. This refers to partner organisations that represent the counterpart of their own organisation in the project country. WINPACCS offers for example the option of keeping partner accounting for such “contractual partners”. 

For this reason, we were asked if we could adjust it and use the more fitting term “socio”. The new translation “socio” means “partner” in general. This includes all the other partners that you administer in WINPACCS. 

The change will already be visible in WINPACCS online at the end of this week. 

The translation “contraparte” will remain in WINPACCS cashbook 1.6, WINPACCS accounting 3.2 and WINPACCS cost control 3.4. The change to “socio” will be implemented with the new upcoming versions. 

For instance, the change affects the following terminology:

English Previous translation New translation
Partner management Administración de la contraparte Administración del socio
Partner accounting Contabilidad de la contraparte Contabilidad del socio
Receivables from partners Cuentas por cobrar a contraparte Cuentas por cobrar al socio

The other language versions are not affected by the change. We already use the general term “partner” in these versions.

You’re more than welcome to use your free seminar allotment for any of these events. 
Please note that as of August 2018 our seminars will be for new users and based on WINPACCS cashbook 2.1, WINPACCS accounting 4.1 and the new WINPACCS Project Controlling. 

We’ll also be offering additional seminars for current users of WINPACCS upgrading to the new versions. We’ll let you know the exact dates and locations for these seminars in our next Coordinator information. 

Our WINPACCS expert André Scharmann will be happy to answer any questions.

2018 Workshops

Our workshops offer the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at individual WINPACCS topics. We examine your requirements with you and work on finding solutions in a small group and a relaxed atmosphere. 

Currently planned workshops:

Our experienced trainers are looking forward to passing on their knowledge and answering your questions!