Issue 01-2017

Issue 01/2017 (25.01.2017)

with this coordinator information we intend to regularly inform you about current topics of WINPACCS and to assist you in your role as WINPACCS coordinator within your organisation.

This issue’s topics: 

  • Glimpse into the WINPACCS factory 
  • Test environment for current program versions 
  • NEW: Free allotment for WINPACCS seminars 
  • Seminar Schedule 2017 
  • New Price List 
  • Expansion of our WINPACCS team 
  • Coordinator Information in our customer portal

Glimpse into the WINPACCS factory

As the year begins, we would like to give you a brief glimpse into our WINPACCS development factory and let you know what we are working on at the moment.

In recent years we have received several improvement requests for the suite modules WINPACCS accounting and WINPACCS cashbook, which are very fundamental and for that reason could not be accounted for in updates so far.

Apart from that, the applications have become technologically outdated, so it’s about time they were brought up to date.

Some time ago, therefore, we decided to develop WINPACCS accounting 4.0 and cashbook 2.0 completely new.

The new versions will be much better in many respects: 

  • In these new versions we are implementing many of the enhancements that our customers have been asking for. 
  • The applications will look more modern and be easier to operate. 
  • The applications will offer more options to meet your individual requirements. 
  • We are expanding the communication between the modules of the WINPACCS suite and WINPACCS online. It is going to be possible to exchange even more data automatically. Nevertheless, it will still be possible to use the modules of WINPACCS suite without an internet connection. 
  • Product activation, user registration and importing of master data will become simpler. 
  • We are using the latest development environments and database for developing the applications (Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft SQL Server LocalDB). 

An overview of the new functions in WINPACCS accounting 4.0:

  • Costs and income can be assigned to external projects and cost centres. 
  • The entry mask for vouchers and table views can be adjusted much more extensively. 
  • In the future, the transaction types can be broken down into transaction categories. For example, a supply of funds can be a supply of funds by the head office or due to currency exchange, from another project or other categories. 
  • Projects can be broken down to different project types, regional offices or projects for example. For what project types which transaction categories are available can be configured. 
  • The possibilities to split vouchers have been extended significantly. 
  • Reports can be created for multiple periods. 
  • Additional voucher batch types are being added, for example for forward funds. 
  • Accounting data can be forwarded daily. 
  • Logs will document all important operations. 
  • There will be additional options for tax transactions. 

This is only a brief summary of the improvements.

At our Customer Day on 7 November 2017 and the WINPACCS Symposium on 8 November 2017 we will be presenting the new modules in detail and brief you on the schedule for their rollout.

Save the date!

Test environment for current program versions

In order to let you test functions, settings and interfaces in WINPACCS using your real accounting data but without actually affecting it, we have set up a test environment for current program versions.

Building on the state of your data in the productive system, you can use the test environment to carry out tests and simulate scenarios that remain without any effect on the productive system.

You can find information on the costs for accessing the test environment in our new price list. We will soon provide you with more information on the setup and use. If you are interested, feel free to contact your WINPACCS consultant without obligation.

The existing test environment for future program versions continues to offer customers using the “Advanced” package the possibility to test development versions and prepare optimally for their rollout.

NEW: Free allotment for WINPACCS seminars

In our planning for the new versions described above, we really appreciated your feedback and ideas. We have learned many of your needs, in particular, in direct dialogues on the phone and during customer visits, seminars and workshops.

We would like to express our thanks to you. With immediate effect, therefore, we are giving all customers with the Starter or Standard price package a free allotment for WINPACCS seminars!

Depending on the price package selected, you have a certain number of seminar days free of charge available per year:

price package „Starter“ price package „Standard“
seminars in Germany 2 days 4 days
seminars in partner countries 1 day 2 days

In which seminar and for which participant you benefit from the offer you can decide yourself. Simply let us know if you want to claim your free allotment for a registered participant.

This offer applies to standard seminars only. Individual seminars and workshops are excluded.

Seminar Schedule 2017

We have added seminars to our 2017 seminar schedule:

If you see any need for seminars in partner countries in addition to the already planned seminars in Germany, please contact our WINPACCS consultant André Scharmann.

New Price List

We have updated our price list. The following changes have been made:

  • Prices for the test environment for current program versions have been added. 
  • The free allotments for WINPACCS seminars have been added. 

The new price list applies from 1 March 2017 onwards. For questions on the changes, please contact Mrs Simone Hund (Tel.: +49-6441-7809-20).

Expansion of our WINPACCS team

With the new year, another employee has joined the WINPACCS Team!

Simon Schuh has been supporting the development of WINPACCS as a software developer since early January.

Simon Schuh graduated in Audiovisual Media in 2012 with a Bachelor of Engineering and has since then been working as a software developer.

He worked for mbi as a student. We are delighted that we have been able to win such a competent and committed employee to support our software development.

Simon Schuh is looking forward to moving a software package forward that is used worldwide – in projects that improve the situation of people on site!