Christmas donation

The WINPACCS team wishes you and your family a peaceful and blessed Christmas and a fantastic start to 2020!

As in previous years, we have decided to donate to customers' projects instead of sending presents.


Humanitarian aid after an earthquake in Albania

An earthquake shook the west of the small Balkan state of Albania, early in the morning on 26 November, making it the third this year and the most devastating. According to the Albanian Ministry of Defence, the disaster claimed at least 51 victims with 900 injured and another 4,000 left homeless overnight. Caritas Albania, a long-standing partner organisation of Caritas international, immediately began to deliver emergency aid including food, drinking water and blankets.


Help for Yemen

Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the Arab world and has been ravaged by war. The situation there is catastrophic. According to UN-reports, it is currently the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. Tearfund Germany has worked in Yemen since 1998 and still provides aid today. Together with local partners who are most knowledgeable about what conditions in the project areas are like, Tearfund Germany helps Yemenis to survive the humanitarian crisis and achieve sustainable improvements to their living conditions. The focus of the work is on providing water, sanitation, hygiene, health, and famine relief.